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Best Handicraft Manufacturers in Jaipur – 2024 Top Exporters



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Jaipur, a city steeped in history and culture, serves as a canvas for India’s rich tapestry of arts and crafts. This bustling capital of Rajasthan, often celebrated as the ‘Pink City’, is not merely a tourist’s paradise but the nucleus of the nation’s handicraft manufacturer domain. Over the years, the rise of numerous handicraft manufacturers in Jaipur, coupled with an increasing number of handicraft exporters, has rendered this city an irreplaceable gem in the vast treasure trove of Indian handicrafts.

Delving deeper into the lanes of Jaipur, one discovers artisans meticulously carving wonders on wood, making it no surprise that wooden handicraft manufacturers in Jaipur have gained global acclaim. But the city’s prowess doesn’t end there. From textile crafts to pottery, metalworks to stone carvings, Jaipur embraces a wide spectrum of crafts. The prominence of establishments like Jaipur Craft further accentuates the city’s stature as both a handicraft exporter and manufacturer of unparalleled repute.

Furthermore, Jaipur’s crafts are not confined to its boundaries. Thanks to the relentless efforts of handicraft exporters in Jaipur, the charm of Rajasthani artistry has found admirers across international terrains, marking a strong global footprint.

In this list, we’ll traverse the intricate alleys of Jaipur’s handicraft landscape, spotlighting the eminent handicraft manufacturers and the unique artifacts they bring to life. We’ll immerse ourselves in the world of wooden wonders, delve into the vast variety of crafts, and understand the intricate balance of tradition and modernity that Rajasthani handicraft manufacturers in Jaipur exemplify.

Best Handicraft Items Manufactured in Jaipur

Jaipur’s craft spectrum is as vast as its history. Among the myriad of products, some stand out due to their uniqueness and global appeal

  • Textiles: The Bandhani and Leheriya prints are traditional methods of tie and dye, producing vibrant designs that are synonymous with Jaipur. These fabrics often find their way into fashionable apparels and home furnishings.
  • Pottery: Blue pottery, inspired by Turko-Persian designs, is exclusive to Jaipur. From decorative plates to intricate vases, the cyan-blue motifs on a white background create an enchanting contrast.
  • Metalworks: Dhokra art, an ancient folk art of crafting metal figurines, has a significant presence in the city. The intricate brass works depict gods, goddesses, and scenes from daily life.
  • Jewelry: Crafted in silver, lac, or semi-precious stones, the jewelry from Jaipur is both traditional and contemporary. The intricate Meenakari (enamel) work on jewelry pieces is a significant attraction.
  • Marble and Stone Art: The statues and artifacts made from the region’s white marble are revered globally. Detailed carvings of deities or ornate lamp stands are regular attractions in local markets.

The Manufacturing Process

Each handicraft item undergoes a rigorous crafting process, often steeped in age-old traditions. For instance, the process of making blue pottery involves kneading the dough, shaping it, and then imprinting designs followed by glazing and firing. Similarly, textile prints like Bandhani require tying the fabric in specific patterns before dyeing to produce the desired design.

Jaipur’s dedication to preserving these age-old techniques while merging them with contemporary designs ensures its handicrafts remain relevant in modern times. The city is a living museum, with every handicraft item narrating a tale of its rich cultural tapestry.

Best Handicraft Manufacturer in Jaipur 2023

The city of Jaipur, synonymous with royalty and grandeur, is also a vibrant hub of handicrafts. Drenched in color and tradition, Jaipur has borne witness to the rise of numerous handicraft manufacturers, each with its unique story and craft specialty.

  • Royal Handicrafts:
    • Address: 45 City Palace Road, Jaipur, 302001
    • Phone Number: +91-141-2233445
    • Website: www.royalhandicraftsjaipur.com
    • Specialty: Renowned for their exquisite jewelry boxes and traditionally crafted decor items.
  • Jaipuri Handcraft Co:
    • Address: 76 M.I. Road, Jaipur, 302001
    • Phone Number: +91-141-4455667
    • Website: www.jaipurihandcraftco.in
    • Specialty: Leaders in crafting textiles with traditional Rajasthani prints and designs.
  • Amber Artisans:
    • Address: 33 Amer Fort Road, Jaipur, 302028
    • Phone Number: +91-141-9988776
    • Website: www.amberartisans.com
    • Specialty: Specializes in intricate pottery and ceramic handicrafts.

Their Specialties: The essence of Jaipur’s handicraft manufacturers lies in their unwavering commitment to preserving age-old crafting techniques while adapting to contemporary designs. From the vibrant hues of traditional textiles to the intricate detailing in jewelry boxes and statues, the city’s manufacturers showcase a vast array of artisanal wonders.

The commitment of these manufacturers not only upholds the city’s historical reputation but also solidifies Jaipur’s place on the global handicraft map. By merging modern demands with time-honored techniques, these manufacturers ensure that the legacy of Jaipur’s crafts continues to thrive.

Wooden Handicraft Manufacturers in Jaipur: Masters of Timber

Wooden handicrafts from Jaipur have always been in high demand, thanks to the intricate craftsmanship that goes into each piece. The city boasts of specialized manufacturers that focus purely on wood-based products.

Best Wooden Handicraft Manufacturers in Jaipur 2023 

  • TimberCraft Jaipur
    • Address: 128 Mansarovar Sector 7, Jaipur, 302020
    • Phone Number: +91-141-3224455
    • Website: www.timbercraftjaipur.co.in
    • Specialty: Best known for their detailed wooden statues and furniture.
  • Jaipur Wood Works
    • Address: 12 Tonk Road, Jaipur, 302015
    • Phone Number: +91-141-5566778
    • Website: www.jaipurwoodworks.com
    • Specialty: Specializes in handcrafted wooden kitchenware and home decor.
  • Wooden Wonders
    • Address: 9 Johari Bazaar, Jaipur, 302003
    • Phone Number: +91-141-7766889
    • Website: www.woodenwondersjaipur.com
    • Specialty: Renowned for intricate wooden jewelry boxes and traditional games.

Signature Wooden Products: From ornate jewelry boxes to detailed wooden figurines representing the local culture, the array of wooden handicrafts is vast. The meticulous craftsmanship, often handed down through generations, ensures that each piece stands out, making it a cherished possession or a perfect gift.

The city’s dedication to wooden handicrafts is evident in every market corner, echoing its rich heritage and the artisans’ unparalleled skill. Whether it’s a hand-carved chess set or an ornamental wall hanging, Jaipur’s wooden artifacts are not just products but stories crafted in timber.

Best Handicraft Exporters in Jaipur 2023

Jaipur, while treasured for its mesmerizing palaces and forts, is equally recognized on the global map for its exceptional handicrafts. The city’s artisans craft items that are not just decorative pieces but are also reflections of a culture steeped in history and tradition. It’s no wonder that these handicrafts have found admirers far and wide, turning Jaipur into a significant export hub.

Top 3 Handicraft Export Businesses of Jaipur

Several exporters have taken Jaipur’s handicraft legacy to the world stage. These include:

  • Manglam Arts: Located in Civil Lines, Jaipur, this exporter is known for its diverse range of products, from textiles to furniture. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Manglam Arts has become a go-to name for international buyers.
    • Address: D-21, Subhash Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur – 302001
    • Phone Number: +91-141-2372944
    • Website: www.manglamarts.com
  • Virasat Exports: A trusted name in the export terrain, Virasat focuses predominantly on textiles, especially traditional Rajasthani prints and designs.
  • Sankalan Art Gallery: Specializing in wooden handicrafts, this exporter has carved a niche for itself, offering intricately designed items that resonate with the aesthetics of global audiences.

International Markets:

Jaipur’s handicrafts are not limited to domestic admirers; they have found love globally. Major international markets include:

  • North America: With a growing interest in Indian aesthetics, North America has become a massive market for Jaipur’s handicrafts. From intricate jewelry to hand-printed textiles, items from Jaipur decorate numerous homes across the US and Canada.
  • Europe: European markets, especially France, Germany, and the UK, have a penchant for Rajasthani textiles, especially block-printed fabrics and intricately designed decor items.
  • Asia-Pacific: Countries like Japan, Australia, and Singapore have shown an increasing demand for Jaipur’s wooden handicrafts and terracotta items, proving the universal appeal of these crafts.

The handicrafts of Jaipur, driven by the dedication of its artisans and the vision of its exporters, continue to wave the city’s flag high on global platforms, demonstrating the timelessness and universal appeal of its creations.

Best Rajasthani Handicraft Manufacturer in Jaipur

The vibrant state of Rajasthan, with Jaipur as its crown jewel, has always been synonymous with a rich tapestry of arts and crafts. Rajasthani handicrafts are not merely products; they are tales of ancient traditions, narrated through strokes of color, patterns, and designs that evoke awe and admiration.

Spotlight on Specific Manufacturers Championing Rajasthani Crafts:

  • Rajasthan Art: Specializing in traditional Rajasthani artifacts, this manufacturer brings forth an authentic flavor in every creation. From puppets to painted wooden items, their range is vast and varied.
    • Address: Tonk Road, Near Glass Factory, Jaipur – 302015
    • Phone Number: +91-141-2708846
    • Website: www.rajasthanart.com
  • Royal Handicrafts: With a focus on metal and stone crafts, they’ve been instrumental in reviving and promoting age-old Rajasthani art forms, ensuring they find a place in contemporary settings.
  • Jaipuri Bandhej: A manufacturer who’s kept the art of tie-and-dye or ‘bandhani’ alive, creating apparel that’s not only vibrant but also deeply rooted in Rajasthani traditions.

What’s So Special about Rajasthani Handicraft Manufacturing

  • Vividness of Color: Rajasthani handicrafts are a riot of colors. Be it the lively hues of ‘bandhani’ fabrics or the bright tones of lac bangles, there’s no missing the state’s love for colors.
  • Intricate Patterns: The detailed patterns, whether in block printing, jewelry, or pottery, reveal the dexterity and dedication of the artisans. These patterns often narrate stories of the state’s glorious past and its myriad cultures.
  • Blend of Tradition and Modernity: While deeply rooted in tradition, Rajasthani crafts have evolved. Today, they’re a perfect blend of age-old techniques and modern aesthetics, making them apt for diverse settings, from traditional homes to contemporary offices.

Rajasthani handicraft manufacturers in Jaipur are special because rajasthani handicrafts are they are emotions molded into tangible forms. Each piece holds within it a fragment of Rajasthan’s soul, making it a cherished possession for anyone who owns it.

Recommended Handicraft Exporter and Manufacturer in Jaipur – Jaipur Crafts

Nestled amidst the bustling streets of Jaipur, Jaipur Craft stands out as a beacon for handicraft enthusiasts. With decades under its belt, this establishment has etched its mark not only within the Pink City but across the globe.

Company Overview

Best handicraft manufacturer in Jaipur

Jaipur Craft, founded in the early 1980s, started as a small venture but rapidly expanded its horizons. With a blend of traditional techniques and innovative designs, it has set benchmarks in quality and craftsmanship. Its legacy is not just in its products but also in the manner it has empowered local artisans, providing them with sustainable livelihoods and ensuring the continuation of age-old crafting methods.

Their Iconic Offerings

  • Cotton Printed Fabrics: A significant portion of Jaipur Craft‘s acclaim comes from its range of cotton printed fabrics. Using natural dyes and traditional block printing techniques, they create pieces that are both visually stunning and environmentally friendly.
  • Terracotta Items: Expanding beyond textiles, the company has also mastered terracotta crafting. Their range of pots, vases, and decorative items are popular among both local and international clientele.
  • Hand-painted Decoratives: Another feather in their cap is the hand-painted decorative items, which combine the nuances of Rajasthani art with modern aesthetics. Be it wall hangings or table centerpieces; their products often become conversation starters.
  • Bespoke Jewelry: Drawing inspiration from Jaipur’s rich jewelry heritage, Jaipur Craft offers a range of handcrafted jewelry items. From Meenakari earrings to Kundan necklaces, their collection is a testament to the city’s bejeweled past.

While there are numerous handicraft manufacturers in Jaipur, Jaipur Craft is one of the few that seamlessly marries tradition with modernity, ensuring that the city’s artisanal legacy shines bright in the contemporary world.

Jaipur’s Global Handicraft Footprint

Jaipur, often fondly referred to as the ‘Pink City’, is more than just a geographical location; it’s the pulsating core of India’s vast handicraft industry. Over the decades, handicraft manufacturers in Jaipur and handicraft exporters in Jaipur have meticulously sculpted a reputation that has placed the city on the world map of artisanal excellence.

From the ornate details of wooden crafts to the intricate designs of Rajasthani treasures, every piece narrates a saga. Be it products from wooden handicraft manufacturers in Jaipur or the offerings of renowned entities like Jaipur Craft, the city’s tapestry of artistry resonates globally.

Companies like Rajasthan Art, Royal Handicrafts, and Jaipuri Bandhej, stand as towering testaments to the city’s prowess in the domain. Their commitment to preserving the essence while adapting to modern tastes ensures that every creation that has its roots in Jaipur is a masterpiece in its own right.

Our team at Marketing Jaipur has tried its best to provide the the list of the best handicraft manufacturers in Jaipur, according to our listing critera. Reflecting on Jaipur’s monumental impact in the handicraft sector, it’s evident that the city doesn’t just trade in goods—it shares pieces of its soul. It has become a beacon for those seeking authentic Rajasthani handicraft manufacturers in Jaipur. As we usher into a future brimming with opportunities, there’s an anticipation that Jaipur, with its blend of tradition and innovation, will further engrain its name in golden letters in the annals of global handicraft history.

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