Our Company Listing Criteria

In a industry where everyone claims to be the best, we thrive to provide you with the real best agencies, companies and freelancers following a well-researched and un-biased set of criteria.

How We Pick the Best Marketing Companies at Marketing Jaipur

Hey there! At Marketing Jaipur, we’re not just about listing names. We dive deep to bring you the crème de la crème of marketing companies in Jaipur. BUT how we do it and why the companies selected by us are the best choice of marketing companies and agencies ? Let’s pull back the curtain:

1. Reputation and Reviews:

  • How We See It: We’re just like you; we trust word-of-mouth. So, we scour the internet, reading what people are saying about these companies. Good or bad, we take note.
  • Why It’s a Big Deal: Think about it. A company that consistently makes its clients happy? That’s gold!

2. Years in Business:

  • How We See It: There’s something to be said about companies that have stood the test of time. They’ve seen it all and are still going strong.
  • Why It’s a Big Deal: Experience speaks volumes. These old-timers? They’ve got stories, lessons, and a whole lot of wisdom.

3. Portfolio of Work:

  • How We See It: We love a good show-and-tell. By peeking into their past projects, we get a feel for what they’re capable of.
  • Why It’s a Big Deal: A killer portfolio? It’s like a window into their world. And we’re here for the view.

4. Certifications and Awards:

  • How We See It: We’re on the lookout for those shiny badges of honor. They’re like the cherry on top.
  • Why It’s a Big Deal: It’s like getting a high-five from the industry. And who doesn’t love a good high-five?

5. Client Testimonials:

  • How We See It: We’re all ears when clients speak. Their stories? Pure gold.
  • Why It’s a Big Deal: It’s like getting a sneak peek into their journey. The ups, the downs, the in-betweens.

6. Must Preach What they Teach

  • How We See It: For an instance, if someone is an SEO expert, we observe their own platforms organic traffic and ranking, in the case of social media, engagement and reach on self platforms is a must etc etc
  • Why It’s a Big Deal: Being a star in the digital sky means they know their stuff. And we’re stargazers.

7. Services Offered:

  • How We See It: We’re on the hunt for those who offer the whole package of the required category. The more, the merrier. For example, if an agency presents themselves as SEO company in Jaipur, it should be a full-stack offering that includes technical SEO, on-page, off-page, backlinks, speed optimizations etc.
  • Why It’s a Big Deal: It’s like walking into a candy store. So many options, so much goodness.

8. Pricing:

  • How We See It: Quality? Absolutely. But we also have an eye out for value.
  • Why It’s a Big Deal: Getting top-notch service without emptying your pockets? That’s the dream.

9. Local Presence:

  • How We See It: There’s something special about those who call Jaipur home, just like us.
  • Why It’s a Big Deal: Local insights, local flavor. It’s like having home-field advantage.

10. Customer Service:

  • How We See It: We value the hellos, the thank-yous, and the always-there-when-you-need-thems.
  • Why It’s a Big Deal: Great service is like a warm hug. And who can resist that?

So, there you have it! Our labor of love, all to ensure you find the perfect marketing partner. At Marketing Jaipur, we’re all about keeping it real and making sure you’re in good hands. Cheers! 🌟